How can I book a tattoo session?

Simply email veilinktattoos@gmail.com with your tattoo request.  Please mention where you want the tattoo, the approximate size, and any image references if you have something specific.

Can I bring a friend with me to the tattoo session?

Unfortunately no, as I do not want to break concentration or have any distractions while tattooing you.

Is it possible to have a free consultation first?

Absolutely. I will only confirm the tattoo appointment once we have discussed and confirmed the details of the tattoo.

Should I prepare anything before arriving?

Due to COVID-19 and the close proximity of tattooing, you must wear your mask during the tattoo session and must wash your hands/hand sanitize upon entering. 

Appropriate hygiene is also mandatory and a mutual decency. Please do not arrive without having taken a shower ;)

Do you charge a deposit?

Yes, a $50 deposit must be paid to secure the booking date  (done through e-transfer or PayPal). This deposit can be refunded if the tattoo session is cancelled 24hrs before the tattoo session. Otherwise, the deposit will be used towards the final balance at the end of the session (eg. if the tattoo comes to $400, you would only pay $300 at the end).

What payment methods do you accept?

eTransfer is the easiest, or PayPal if you prefer to pay with credit card.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Absolutely.  Before we begin the process, you will need to sign a  standard tattoo waiver that states you are 18+ (ID required if you look like a youngin'), are not intoxicated, do not have any skin or health conditions that are not suitable for a tattoo, acknowledge that you chose to get a tattoo of your free will, and will follow proper aftercare instructions to prevent any infections or damages to your tattoo. 

How long does a tattoo take to heal?

Everyone's skin heals at slightly different rates, but it is generally 2-4 weeks. 


  • You cannot go into any pools, oceans or any contaminated water as it will cause an infection since your tattoo is an open wound.

  • You will need to avoid getting your tattoo wet when in the shower

  • If sweating occurs, you will need to clean > dab-dry > apply a thin layer of vitamin E cream with clean hands > re-bandage the tattoo to avoid build-up of bacteria

  • Avoid touching or bumping the areas that was tattooed

What should I expect during the healing process?

After the tattoo is done, your skin will be extremely sensitive and will likely have reddish areas because it is essentially an open wound at this point.


Over the first few days, you will notice the lines have a bumpy/raised texture and/or slight reddish areas surrounding the tattoo area. DO NOT TOUCH OR PICK AT IT. Your skin is healing and is turning into a scab; the ink is in the process of "stabilizing" on your skin. If you pick at it, you will wreck the ink work that was done. 


Around day 4-6, it will become incredibly itchy at times. DO NOT SCRATCH IT. If you scratch your tattoo, you can also wreck the ink work and have missing/lighter ink areas. 

Let the scabs fall off on their own until your skin is back to its original smooth texture. 

Will the tattoo look different from when it was tattooed vs. when it has completely healed?

Yes. As much as we all want our tattoos to look extremely black as it does when you first see it completed on day one, the final color will be more of a dark blue tone. This is due to the transition of the ink travelling down to the dermis layer of your skin, as well as the layers of skin above (epidermis) healing/regenerating.